Drift speciality coffee decaffeinated

Drift speciality coffee decaffeinated

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Raising the standard of your daily coffee break; a cupful of provenance, traceability and distinctively bold taste.

At Drift Coffee, we focus on sourcing and roasting speciality coffee from single estates. Through transparent and honest sourcing we promote sustainability and progression for people and communities in coffee producing countries. We believe that everyone should know the exact origin of the coffee that they brew and drink.

Following a trip to Brazil in 2019 we formed a partnership with Sao Luiz estate in Carmo do Paranaiba, Brazil.

Producer: Smallholder producers of Timana

Origin: Timana, Colombia

Process: 50% mountain water & 50% Sugar cane

Tasting notes:  Chocolate, caramel, berry candy

Weight: 200g

Strength: 4 out of 5