Flower pots brewery - Buster's Best

Flower pots brewery - Buster's Best

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The award-winning on-site brewery is 50 yards away from The Flower Pots Inn, located in the picturesque village of Cheriton in Hampshire. Within these walls, we have been carefully crafting fine cask ales and beers since 1993.

Buster’s Best was awarded the Silver medal at The Winchester Beer Festival in March 2020.  Some of Hampshire’s finest malted barley and a touch of wheat is combined with Fuggles and First Gold hops to produce a traditional well-rounded English beer.  Full-bodied, nutty and biscuit, with a sweet and smooth bitterness.  Bronze in colour with a creamy head, Buster’s is an easy-drinking Best Bitter and is named in great fondness after “Buster” the black and white fox terrier who resided behind the bar at our Flower Pots Inn.  It also happens to be our Brewer’s favourite!

ABV: 4.2%

Size: 500ml