Tamarind Glazed Salmon, The Woolf's Kitchen

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Sweet and tangy with a hint of roasted chilli, this Tamarind Ketchup is the business. So versatile, it goes with everything from noodles to cheese toasties, but this salmon dish was where it all began.

Wine Pairing: Somborne Bacchus

Click here for a printable recipe!

Serves 2


1 bottle of The Woolf’s Kitchen Tamarind Ketchup

2 portions of Salmon fillet

Salt & pepper for seasoning

 For garnish,

1 red chilli, sliced

1 spring onion sliced


All you have to do is grill, oven or pan-fry a piece of salmon, then liberally pour the sauce on top. It couldn’t be easier – or tastier.

Perfect with some stir-fry veg and rice, or some pickled cucumbers (simply mix vinegar with sugar to taste, and then add a pinch of salt along with thin slices or ribbons of cucumber).


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