• Sautéed Asparagus, Pea Veloute, and Crispy Prosciutto

    Sautéed Asparagus, Pea Veloute and Crispy Prosciutto Ingredients: English Asparagus spears, peas, pea shoots, prosciutto, cream, butter, milk, mint...
  • Turbot with anchovies, cream & rosemary

    It’s difficult to explain just how tasty this sauce is and how wonderful it is served with a firm, well flavoured fish like Turbot. It’s a very quick sauce to make too, so once you have your fish cooking; it all comes together in a matter of minutes. I like to serve the fish alongside some crispy sauté potatoes and a sharply dressed green salad.

  • Warm Salad of roast squash, barley, fried mushrooms and blue cheese

    A simple, but delicious salad full of flavour to complement any Alfresco dining during the warmer spring evenings.
  • Pan Fried Cod & Chorizo by Thyme & Tides Kitchen

    This full flavoured stew was inspired by our stunning looking North Atlantic cod that we have on the fish counter at Thyme & Tides
  • Roasted cockerel with garlic, herb, lemon & pimento

    Delicious take on the a classic roasted chicken. The cockerel, as succulent as chicken, but as hefty as a turkey. Click here for a printable recipe...
  • Stuffed squash with fennel & barley By Gill Meller

    Whenever I make these little stuffed squash, I'm reminded of being with my friend Pip, who is sadly not around any more. Preparing and cooking mixed pumpkins and squash, just like I do here, was the last thing we did together, for a book we were working on at the time. I remember it as if it were yesterday. This variation for the squash and roasted fennel, and full of character from the barely. I think Pip would definitely approve.
  • Onion soup, grilled cheese toasts & fried apples by Gill Meller

     A rich onion soup is a bowl of hope. When we're tense or tired, it can unwind us and fix a poor body. I like to make mine with cider instead of wine, and finish it with apples fried in butter.